Nijera Kori | Mission, Goals and Values
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Mission, Goals and Values

The mission of Nijera Kori is to empower the rural poor, both women and men to create independent democratic organisation for taking up challenges within their own spheres for a better and more meaningful life for themselves and their immediate community, and establishing their rights over the institutions that decide on the allocation of resources and services for the poor.


Nijera Kori’s overarching goal is a society free from oppression and deprivation through the establishment of the fundamental rights of people. Nijera Kori believes that the struggle to transform the underlying structures of inequality, injustice and exclusion must be conducted at different levels, starting with the individual and extending to the regional and national levels. In addition, it must encompass the various spheres; i.e. economic, social and political decision making processes, in which the poor are denied of their rights of participation.


Nijera Kori’s objective is to raise awareness and unite the rural poor, who have long been the victims of exploitation and social exclusions, to voice their opinions and to ensure it is being heard, and involving them in decision-making processes at village and local levels which effect their lives.