Nijera Kori | Governing Body
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Governing Body



Kazi Madina Chairperson
Dr. Rowshan Ara Firoz Vice Chairperson
Khushi Kabir Secretary
Ira Rahman Treasurer
Dil Monowora Monu Asst. Treasurer
Mohammad Shahid Hossain Talukder Member
Abdul Majid Mallik Member
Shaheen Islam Member
Biren Shome Member
Syed Abul Barq Alvi Member
Afzalun Nessa Chowdhury Member
Salma A Shafi Member
Masuma Khanam Member

Roles and responsibilities


As a registered Body, Nijera Kori has 39 members on its General Body. The body is required to hold an Annual General meeting.  The General Body elects a 13 members Governing Body for 2 years to oversee the governance of Nijera Kori. The Governing Body which sits every quarter, evaluates the programmes and expenditure of each quarter and approves the budget for the next quarter as per the annual budget approved by the General Body. The General Body approves the annual and audit report, appoints the auditor and approves the yearly budget in the Annual General Meeting.


The Governing Body appoints the Coordinator as the Chief Executive of the Organisation who has been given the mandate to represent and maintain all matters related to the organisation. The Coordinator guides the overall activities including administration and finance with the support of other staff who are engaged in the implementation of the programmes, policies and procedures of the organisation. She also has to maintain liaison in fund raising, obtaining necessary approvals with Donors, the government and all levels of relevant local, national and international bodies. She is also the appointing authority for the organisation.