Nijera Kori | Empowerment Support Initiative
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Empowerment Support Initiative

Legal aid


As the movements of the landless organisations for establishing basic rights have become stronger, the voices and struggles of the disadvantaged people have gained more recognition from the state and society. This increasing success has threatened the local vested groups who systematically try to harass the landless groups by conspiring against them, filing false lawsuits and using the police to persecute them. In such a context, legal recourse is one of the most potent means for the landless people to defend their rights, and legal aid is extremely necessary for those affected. When there are a high number of cases, it becomes difficult for landless groups to support the economically disadvantaged people in fighting the legal battle, and they turn to Nijera Kori for financial support. In these cases, when it is determined that the case is important in establishing the rights of the landless groups, Nijera Kori provides support to finance legal aid activities as needed.


Educational activities


Due to lack of awareness and absence of public schools, children in the remote and poor areas start working from a very early age. The landless groups have long been fighting against this injustice and demanding that children from poor and disadvantaged background have the ability to realise their right to education.