Nijera Kori | Awareness Raising and Capacity Building
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Awareness Raising and Capacity Building

Awareness raising and capacity building activities

Nijera Kori on a regular basis organises training sessions to enhance the analytical capabilities of the group members. Such trainings are normally organised with 20-25 participants.


At the basic level, trainings are provided to female and male members separately; while at advanced level, both female and male members participate together in joint training sessions.


Again, at the higher selection level training, the sessions are organised separately for women and men while at the advanced level of such training, the women and men sit in joint session. In recognition of the existing socio-religious values of the society, the gender dis-aggregated approach is followed, to create space for women so that they can express themselves freely and interact with fellow women at the initial stage of organisation building. Eventually as the groups continue to mature, joint sessions are organised at higher and/or advanced levels to create an environment of reciprocal interactions, to develop greater understanding and overcome gender bias.


When special training sessions are organised at the request of the groups, they are normally organised as joint sessions. It is worth noting that cultural trainings, both at the basic and advanced levels, are organised jointly with female and male cultural group members.